After a career changing two years, Carey Mulligan is ready to leave Hollywood to focus on theater. The British actress is set to appear in the play Through a Glass Darkly, on the New York stage. Mulligan actually began her career doing plays and musicals, and this run will give her the opportunity to go back to her roots.

According to Yahoo, Through a Glass Darkly is a stage adaptation of the 1961 Ingmar Bergman film of the same name. In the production she “will play an intense young woman harrowed by psychiatric illness who spirals out of control while on holiday off the coast of Sweden with her husband, novelist father and brother.” Crazy Carey Mulligan? We’re in!

As we stated earlier, Mulligan’s love of theater predates her work as a film actress.

“I’m more consumed by theater than I am by film,” she says. “I never set out really to be a film actress. I love it and I’m incredibly lucky, but I find it easier to throw myself into a play than film. I’m always much more self-aware and self-conscious when I’m doing film because cameras really freak me out.”

We’re sure she can successfully take on both mediums. We love her in movies, but her stage performances are also a treat. Through a Glass Darkly, will run at the New York Theater Workshop in the East Village from May 13 to July 3.

What do you think of Mulligan taking on this role? Do you think she’s better on stage or in film?