Law & Order: Los Angeles” is giving us a serious headache. The drama continues to expunge half of its cast, while shuffling around the actors that it keeps. Dick Wolf is creatively revamping the show, which caused the exit of Skeet Ulrich, Megan Boone, and Regina Hall. Ulrich played one half of the detective team, while Hall and Boone were the assistants to the ADAs. According to EW, one of the saving graces of LOLA, Alfred Molina, will be demoted to a new position, and it will be story dictated.

Molina currently plays the role of ADA Ricardo Morales, but he’ll soon make the move to detective where he’ll take Ulrich’s place. Here’s how the change will occur: …”it will be revealed that his character was on the Los Angeles Police Department for 15 years, having earned the detective rank. His frustrations as a prosecutor reach a tipping point and he decides to return to the police force.”

This means that Terrence Howard, who plays the other ADA Jonah Dekker will be on the show full time as their “order” counterpart. “Law & Order: Los Angeles” is currently in the middle of its first season, and we’re not sure when these casting effects will take place. We hope they’ll at least wait until the fall to debut the new line up.

What do you think of the casting shift for Law & order: Los Angeles? Does it make sense?