If CBS can reboot “Hawaii Five-O” and get great ratings and a Golden Globe nomination for their effort, ABC can do the same. Earlier today we reported that actress Cameron Diaz, who appeared in the feature films, was interested in adding another sequel to the franchise, but she felt that a new group of women should be used. Perhaps she knew something we didn’t because according to EW, ABC has greenlit a “Charlie’s Angels“  TV pilot.

The revamp will come from “Smallville” writer-producers Miles Millar and Al Gough, who are looking for “Charlie’s Angels” to be their next big thing. The series will be co-produced by Drew Barrymore (who also appeared in the films) through her Flower Films banner. There’s also word that they’re reaching out to “Gossip Girl’s Mark Piznarski to direct.

This decision begs many questions such as who will play the Angels, their sidekick Bosley, and of course the man himself Charlie? For some odd reason we can see James Garner lending his voice to the show. Will Charlie use Skype to get in contact with the girls? There have been so many advancements in technology since the original.

Whatever they do, we hope they hire actresses who have personality. We know looks play a key factor in this property but when they recast the girls for the films they all had something interesting about them that went beyond the physical. What young actresses can they get to pull that off?

Would you watch a Charlie’s Angels reboot? Who should they cast?