After a two year hiatus the comedy “The Game” has finally returned to television. The series, which began as a spin-off to “Girlfriends” was previously canceled and put out to pasture by The CW despite its hardcore fanbase. One network’s trash is another network’s treasure, and in this case BET have reaped the benefits. They picked up the series for its fourth season, which debuted on Tuesday night to some impressive, record breaking numbers!

According to EW, “The Game” pulled in 7.7 million viewers for its season four debut. That’s huge for cable and it trumps most shows that appear on its former CW home. When it last aired on network television it was only pulling in about 1.8 million viewers, so it makes you wonder what changed? The show was previously scheduled on death-night aka Friday, and the CW wasn’t marketing it. The general public had no idea it was on, therefore the ratings were low, and it got canceled.

If you’re not familiar with “The Game,” here’s a little run down. It’s produced by Kelsey Grammer and centers on three football players and their families and stars Tia Mowry, Coby Bell, Britney Daniels (Skyline), and Wendy Raquel Robinson. It’s a great show that’s written well and genuinely funny. We’re happy to hear that so many people tuned in to see it. This was a long time coming.

Did you watch the premiere of The Game?