The new take on the comic character Judge Dredd is well on its way. The first photo from the film was released in November and it showed actor Karl Urban as the judge, jury, and executioner himself. Other than that, we haven’t heard much about the production or the rest of the cast, that is, until now. Over at the fansite, Judge Dredd Movie News, they claim that British actress Lena Headey has signed on to play the villain.

According to their sources, Headey will star as Madeline Madrigal AKA Ma-Ma, and she’ll be the main bad guy in the movie. They went on to say that she began filming her scenes last week. If you have no idea who Headey is allow us to introduce you to her. She’s best know for her roles as Queen Gorgo in Zack Snyder’s 300, and Sarah Connor on the defunct Fox series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

We’re not sure if Headey’s casting is to believed because no official announcement has been made, but if she is involved we’re excited for her. She was amazing on “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and really made the role her own. We’d love to see how she’d handle herself going toe to toe with an angry Karl Urban.

Are you familiar with Headey’s work? Do you think she’s a good choice?