Kevin James‘ next film (no, we’re not talking about The Dilemma) will have him interacting with animals, and his project after that will involve him getting the crap kicked out of him every 15 minutes. The first movie is called Zookeeper, and the second is an untitled comedy about martial arts. James has decided to mix the two by hiring his Zookeeper director to helm his new action comedy.

According to Deadline, Frank Coraci, who previously helmed the Adam Sandler comedy Click has signed on to direct James in his next film. The actor will play “a physics teacher who moonlights as a mixed martial arts fighter to raise money and save the music program his students love. He makes it all the way to the UFC.” The film will be produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Are we the only ones slightly unhinged by the thought of James fighting in the UFC? It’s no secret that the actor is a huge fan of the sport, but does he have what it takes? Is he going to slim down and bulk up? This should be interesting.

What do you think of Coraci directing a martial arts flick? Do you think he’s the right choice?