Robert De Niro wasn’t the only actor recently picked to be president of a high class awards ceremony. His Taxi Driver co-star Jodie Foster has been chosen to preside over France’s version of the Oscars the Cesar Awards, which take place on February 25th. Initially, you might think that she’s a strange choice but there are multiple things that contributed to Foster landing this gig.

Foster was partially raised in France and speaks the language fluently so she’ll have no problem understanding the ends and the outs of the ceremony. The star will also be in the country next month where she’ll be shooting the film God of Carnage. She has history, language, and location on her side.

Foster happens to have more than one French feature on her acting resume including Eric Le Hung’s 1977 film Moi, Fleur Bleue, Claude Chabrol’s The Blood of Others in 1984 and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s A Very Long Engagement in 2004. Foster is the first foreign President of the Cesar Awards since Marcello Mastroianni in 1993.

When you add all of those factors, doesn’t she seem like a likelier candidate than most?

What do you think of the Cesars picking Foster to preside over the ceremony? Is she a good choice?

Source: Yahoo