Sunday night was filled with premieres on the Showtime cable network. The David Duchovny led series “Californication” returned for its fourth season (is the show really that good?), and the U.S. adaptation of the British dramedy “Shameless” made its debut alongside Matt Leblanc’s television return in “Episodes.” The ratings are in so lets see who the winners and losers were last night…

“Californication” pulled in 848,000 viewers at 9 p.m. and 1.1. million if you count the repeat episode. The freshman series “Shameless” starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum earned 982,00 viewers (1.3 million for the night), giving it a slight upper hand on its lead-in. The Leblanc led comedy “Episodes” was the lowest of the night with 768,000 viewers (902,000 total for the evening).

Overall it was a solid beginning to a new season of shows. We didn’t catch “Shameless” or “Episodes” but we’ve heard good things about the first and not so good things about the latter. Some say that “Episodes” gets better with time, but the pilot doesn’t leave a great impression. Where are all the “Friends” viewers when you need them? Joey needs your support here.

Did you watch Showtime’s premiere block last night? What did you think?

Source: EW