The Broadcast Film Critics Association has just announced that they’re cool! Or something like that… For their upcoming 16th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, they have invented a new award to show how awesome they really are. The will be presenting award winning and much loved director Quentin Tarantino with the first ever Critics’ Choice Music+Film Award. That’s visual meets audio, cinema meets musical, eyes meets ears, the all around sensation award! And I’ll stop with the sarcastic tone for a moment to say, yeah, the guys earned it!

The all new Critics’ Choice Music+Film Award was created to honor a single filmmaker who has not only inspired moviegoers with his cinematic storytelling, but has heightened the impact of film through the brilliant use of source and soundtrack music. Maroon 5 will perform a special musical tribute from one of Tarantino’s most memorable movie scenes.

I was with the award until they said Maroon 5 would be performing a “musical tribute,” then it just reminded me who much I hate award ceremonies. Is a well edited montage just too difficult for them? How about an orchestral piece? Something better than a band who has such an incredibly different style of music than anything Tarantino has ever used in any of his films present the man with something he might actually enjoy listening to!?

Though the whole idea of the award comes from wanting to get young audiences interested, they also want to (and rightly so) honor Tarantino who, “throughout his career, has truly harnessed the power of a single song and created unforgettable, heart-breaking, exhilarating, and always dynamic moments that remain in the minds of his audience.” That sounds fun!

I think they’re playing on some cliches, but hell, Tarantino is a great filmmaker and I’ve played every single one of his soundtracks until my CD player (did I just date myself? Or did the use of words like “cool” and “awesome” already do that?) actually bleed. So at least the award is at least warranted!

You can watch Maroon 5 discrete Tarantino’s music and watch the big man himself accept the award this Friday, January 14th at 9 PM ET/PT on VH1, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. More details on this announcement can be found via the official press release

What do you think about the award and Maroon 5 playing the tribute?