Did you happen to catch “Saturday Night Live” this weekend? NBC aired the first new episode since the holiday break and they brought out the big comedic guns to ring in the new year. Jim Carrey (who was promoting I Love You Phillip Morris) was the host last week, and he breathed some much needed life into the show’s ratings. According to reports, he had the highest rated episode since Betty White hosted last May.

SNL received a 7.8 in the metered-market household Nielsens. White is the only other person who’s delivered a higher rating. Carrey last hosted the show in 1996, which means this has been 15 years in the making. The actor, who’s great at both comedy and drama, was in his element on Saturday delivering the best the show has seen in a while.

It’s no secret that the writing for SNL hasn’t been the greatest recently, so a lot of the laughs the actor got stemmed from his physical comedy. No one can contort or throw themselves around like he can! Besides Carrey’s talent, SNL probably got a much needed boost from its lead-in, the “NFL Wild Card Playoff” game. Did you watch?

What did you think of Carrey as the host of SNL?

Source: EW