You might be asking yourself, “Where has C. Thomas Howell been?” The former eighties teen star who appeared in such films as The Outsiders, Red Dawn, The Hitcher, and Soul Man (yes Soul Man) has been keeping a low profile on television. The actor has done more than his fair share of SyFy Channel original movies, and has had guest spots on shows like “Psych” and “Southland.” Howell will now return to the big screen with a role in the highly anticipated Spider-Man reboot.

According to EW, Howell has been cast as a character named “Ray” in the Marc Webb directed feature. No details are given about the role so we’re not sure how he plays into the story. They note that no one by that name sticks out from the Spider-Man comic but there is someone named Ray Cooper, who is the supposedly deceased father of Spidey’s current comic book girlfriend Carlie.

Production on Spider-Man began last month in Los Angeles and we’ve seen our fair share of photos from the set featuring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Spider-Man is scheduled to hit theaters on July 3, 2012

What do you think of Howell returning to the big screen? Who do you think Ray will be?