ABC has decided to give early renewals to several shows on their roster. The long running drama “Grey’s Anatomy” will return for more next year as well as its spin-off “Private Practice.” Despite what some people might think about “Grey’s” current storylines, it still pulls in solid ratings for the network, so this decision shouldn’t come as a shock.

According to THR, ABC’s Wednesday night comedy line up has proven to be a winning combination so they’ve decided to keep them on the schedule. Early renewals have gone out for “The Middle,” “Modern Family,” and “Cougar Town.” The network has also grown fond of the Nathan Fillion led series “Castle,” which has also been picked up for another season.

Out of the comedies we’re the most excited about “Cougar Town.” The name doesn’t represent what the show is really about. It’s really funny, and if you liked “Scrubs,” it’s right up your ally.

As for the dramas, “Castle” has become a cult favorite so we’re not surprised that they’re sticking with it, but on the other hand shouldn’t “Grey’s Anatomy” be coming to an end? What more can they do with that show?

What do you think of ABC’s shows of choice? Do they all deserve early pick ups?