Despite The Dilemma being promoted as a “comedy” with comedic heavy weights Vince Vaughn and Mall Cop Paul… I mean Kevin James leading the way, from the look of these clips there’s a lot more too Ron Howard’s latest relationship adventure that the first trailer led us to believe… either that or it’s really not that funny as it’s supposed to be. Maybe it’s the lack of music or context but something about these clips leaves me wanting more.

Watch the clips with some classic Ron Howard touches below…

Getting real…ly cheesy:

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Obviously we have some big boy issues going on this film about how to be in a relationship which means, lots of talking sweetly on the floor… I want to know how they got to just be chilling on the floor and not on a comfy sofa.

Ron Howard loves his Tiny Dancer:

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Yeap… there it is.

Lady Wood:

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I’m hoping this clip is more funny in the film? If not, this is definitely leaning toward drama with a few moment trying to be funny.

You’re my Hero:

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These are the Ron Howard moments that some people love and some people hate. They are overly sentimental in a rom com type of way, but are supposed to be heavy and reveal a characters true feelings… I know where I stand, do you?

The Panic Attack:

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Hmmmm… leaves me wanting more.

I wonder how the possible lack of comedy weighs on the whole controversial “gay” line in the film - if the film is not a comedy does that make the line better or worse? Definitely doesn’t bod well for Vince Vaughn’s comment “Comedy and joking about our differences breaks tension and brings us together,” which I tried to back up before. Damn Vaughn don’t leave me hanging!

Guess we’ll just have to see it to find out!

The cast also includes Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Channing Tatum and Queen Latifah. The Dilemma opens in theaters January 14, 2011.

What do you think of the latest clips for The Dilemma? Is it funny?