A month ago we learned that one of the breakout stars from The Social Network had joined the cast of Clint Eastwood’s upcoming biopic J. Edgar (formerly Hoover). The actor is Armie Hammer and he’s set to play the right hand man to Leonardo DiCaprio. Hammer recently opened up and gave some details regarding his role, and revealed that for some of the movie he’ll be highly unrecognizable.

In the film, Hammer plays lawyer-turned-FBI-official Clyde Tolson, whom was also rumored to be Hoover’s lover. Tolson was the associate director of the FBI from 1947 to 1972. He was in daily close contact with Hoover at the office and the pair often dined, socialized in night clubs, and even vacationed together.

According to Vulture, Tolson is played as a love struck and sensitive man who pines after Hoover, and “after an altercation between the two men gives way to an onscreen kiss — ultimately becomes the FBI director’s closest companion.” Hammer says that he’ll play the character throughout several decades, which will cause for a little make up help.

“I’m playing Tolson up to his elderly age!” Hammer confirmed. “Makeup stuff comes within the next couple weeks. We’re definitely doing a lot of wardrobe stuff right now, but the makeup stuff we haven’t done yet.”

The actor also confirmed that Judi Dench will star in the film, and she’ll be playing Hoover’s mother. Nice!

Do you think Hammer can pull off an older character?