Earlier this week, James Cameron appeared at a special 3D event promoting his latest film Sanctum. He serves as producer along with Andrew Wight, while Alister Grierson takes on directing duties. The movie is based on actual events and takes viewers into a world of cave diving and illustrates its many dangers. All three men were in attendance at Universal City Walk, where they spoke about the use of 3D in this smaller film in comparison to Cameron’s epic Avatar. Surprisingly, they all felt that Sanctum does a much better job of submerging an audience in the 3D world.

Check out some video of Cameron at the event as he explains his reasoning below…

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Overall, he’s saying that the experience of watching the 3D in Sanctum will be a lot more visible because it’s not done on such a huge scale and there’s not as much CGI. He said it best himself, “The difference between experiencing Sanctum in 2D and 3D is actually much greater because the 3D will constantly be informing you, in the experience of watching the movie, with the sense of claustrophobia. 3D works best in small spaces. ” Intimacy is the key here.

Sanctum is scheduled to hit theaters on February 4. If you haven’t already seen it, check out the trailer.

What do you think of Cameron’s take on Sanctum vs Avatar’s 3D? Does he have a point?