Godzilla is coming! Over the past year, we’ve been hearing about a possible reboot of the famous monster franchise from Legendary Pictures but the studio had yet to find a director. They were obviously waiting for the right person to come around, because according to Heat Vision, Monsters helmer Gareth Edwards has been hired for the gig!

Isn’t it ironic that the man who directed a film called Monsters is about to take on the biggest one of them all? The trade reports that the studio sought Gareth out after they caught wind of his low-budget horror flick, which he also wrote the screenplay for. The film centered on “two characters traveling through a Mexico that is now a quarantine zone due to an alien-monster infestation.”

The original writer for the new Godzilla film was David Callaham but they’re looking to bring on a new one that Edwards has yet to meet. It will be interesting to see what Edwards can do with a film of this magnitude. He did a great job on Monsters with its shoestring six figure budget. Can you imagine what he could do with $100 million plus?

What do you think of Edwards taking on Godzilla? Is he the right pick?