The Academy better watch out because Julia Roberts is on the prowl. The actress, who won an Oscar in the past for her performance in Erin Brockovich, is actively campaigning for someone other than herself. She wants to see her good friend and Eat Pray Love co-star Javier Bardem get some much deserved recognition for his work in his latest film Biutiful.

Over the past month or so, we’ve been bombarded with various guild, association, and critic award nominations, and for the most part Bardem and his film have been M.I.A. Roberts thinks the movie has unfortunately gotten lost in the shuffle.

Julia Roberts: “I think the movie hasn’t gotten the exposure. You don’t know where it is. It’s like this hidden little jewel. Especially in this particular season, people don’t hunt for things. They just take what you throw in their face.”

The actress was so touched and amazed by Bardem’s performance in the film that she stated that if he doesn’t get recognized by the Academy “we’re f–cked.” We’re pretty sure you can fill in those blanks.

Julia Roberts: He’s so raw and completely open to sharing every emotion this character has. I was telling him at dinner tonight, when I watched it I had to keep stopping and saying, “Okay, this is not actually happening to Javier.” Because it’s his face and his big eyes. I think it’s unexpected for a man to expose himself so deeply. And it’s incredibly agonizing in its subtleties. I just have a great appreciation for what he went through to show us all this. I know it had to hurt.

Thus far it looks like some of the Best Actor contenders could include Colin Firth, James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Gosling, Jeff Bridges, and Mark Wahlberg. Bardem has definitely got his work is cut out for him.

Biutiful opened in limited release on December 29.

Have you seen Biutiful? Do you think Bardem deserves a nod?

Source: EW