Alec Baldwin has never been one to bite his tongue. The opinionated, yet hilarious star of “30 Rock” has been interested in politics for a long time and now reports are springing up that he wants to run for office. Could you imagine him making major decisions for large groups of people, whether as a mayor or a governor?

Baldwin appeared on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” where he answered the age old question, “When are you going to get into this game?” Here’s Baldwin’s response:

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, we believe that anyone can. Baldwin is pretty well informed when it comes to the government and he doesn’t seem like the type who would take a lot of stuff lying down. Could you imagine him chewing out some dirty Congressman over a shady bill? That would be entertaining to watch.

On the other hand, he did say that it would be extremely painful for him to set aside his acting career for such a long period of time to occupy an office. It’s a Catch-22. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. We guess he can’t have it all.

What do you think of Baldwin possibly going from actor to politician?

Source: CNN