For the past couple years it seemed as if Paramount had been sitting at the top as the highest grossing studio in Hollywood, but they fell short in 2010. According to reports, the studio fell by the wayside last year to Warner Bros who earned an estimated $4.8 billion in worldwide ticket sales. That’s a lot of mulah for 12 months of sub-par blockbusters.

Warner Bros chief Jeff Robinov announced the big news today saying that the studio set an industry record. They bested their gross from last year, which was an even $4 billion. Domestically, Warners also earned $1.884 billion, making it number one in the market, and $2.9 billion overseas. They had five films gross over $100 million domestically, and seven have internationally.

Here are the top seven international earners for the studio:

“We are so proud of these incredible accomplishments, which were made possible through the global efforts of an exceptional group of people who collaborated to create, produce, market and distribute more than two dozen films this past year,” Robinov said.

Here’s how the other studios fared domestically:

  • Paramount – $1.71 billion
  • Fox – $1.48 billion
  • Disney – $1.46 billion
  • Sony -  $1.28 billion
  • Universal -  $885.2 million)
  • Summit – $518.8 million
  • Lionsgate – $516.9 million.

Overall, it’s shocking to see Disney come in third last year considering they had two films (that they heavily promoted) earn over a billion dollars worldwide (Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3). Domestically Disney had a lot of underwhelming tentpoles most notably Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which didn’t even crack the $100 million mark. There was also no Pirates of the Caribbean in 2010, to give them some much needed financial cushion. Perhaps all that will change in 2011.

What do you think of Warner Bros big year?

Source: Beverly Hills Courier, THR