It’s hard to believe how much Roger Ebert has gone through, but one thing is for sure, he doesn’t let anything stop him from sharing his opinion and he is always pushing the boundaries of intelligent entertainment journalism. He’s managed to keep himself out of the “old timers” group and blog himself to the the fore-front of new media. His most recent example of this is replacing formerly the announced host of his new Siskel & Ebert spin-off movie review show, Elvis Mitchell, former film critic for The New York Times, with 24-year-old movie blogger Ignatiy Vishnevetsky.

Last year, Ebert announced on his blog that Mitchell would be co-hosting the show alongside Christy Lemire, film critic for The Associated Press. For one reason or another, it was announced by Ebert’s wife, Chaz Ebert and an executive producer of the new show that Mitchell had decided to bow out and “was no longer associated with the program.”

Immediately they went on the hunt for someone to replace Mitchell, and Ebert found someone that would not only challenge what people were expecting, but also make all the film bloggers and writers out there dead jealous. There’s no doubt that everyone will be tuning in if only to judge Vishnevetsky and then fiercely tear him apart of praise him in blog posts.

Apparently Vishnevetsky, who was originally from Russia, moved to Chicago where he would regularly host screenings in which Ebert would attend.

“I was struck by the depth and detail of his film knowledge, and by how articulate he was,” Ebert said.

Vishnevetsky which according to /Film is pronounced “Ig.nah.tee,”currently writes for and The Chicago Reader as well as being the co-founder of the Chicago based, indie film site

He will be hosting the show along with original host Christy Lemire, a film critic for The Associated Press.

The new show premieres on January 21.

Will you be tuning in? Are you interested to see how Vishnevetsky will do?