New year! New DVD Releases! And there’s a lot to choose from even though the choices are pretty slim. Basically DVD buyers have the options of either a group of movies they forgot came out this year and some miniature Indies that even the most dedicated cinephile will need to Google. All that, plus a returning HBO Series coming off its worst season. Yes, the post-holiday DVD doldrums have arrived. Check it out below…

Feature Films

Dinner For Schmucks

I’ve noted in this column several times how this was a very rough year for comedies and this is a shining example.

Why? Because this is actually one of the better funny films of the year. More laughs than Due Date, Little Fockers and host of others, yet it probably wouldn’t hit the top 10 in several other years.

Which makes me wonder now that we’ve entered a new year. Was 2010 the worst year for comedy films so far this century? I can’t make a compelling case against it. After all, the biggest laugh I got from the movies this years was probably watching Harrison Ford scream, “I already work around the clock!” and pondering how on earth Burlesque got made.

So I pose the question to you, the reader:

Was 2010 the Worst Year for Comedy So Far This Century?

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If you need more evidence before you vote, you can buy Dinner For Schmucks on DVD.



“Big Love”: Season 4

This series is a shockingly (to me) top-100 entry on the Amazon DVD sales list this week and I can only believe it’s because of this: A lot of people who don’t get HBO are only watching this series on DVD. Because it’s certain that not a lot of fans are buying this season.

In fact, it’s probably best to issue a warning to fans catching up with this series on DVD. Season 4 is, well, a bit muddled. That is to say they cram 13 episodes worth of plot into ten, add new characters while failing to remove focus on others and go a bit high concept with a casino opening, a political campaign and several trips out of Utah.

Still, it’s probably best to watch it, because for once the creators came out and said they made a mistake with the fourth season and aim to correct those in the series fifth and final season, which premieres on Sunday.

But you probably don’t care about the premiere date – you just want to know buy Season 4 of “Big Love” on DVD.

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…