This week the Governator became no more. Actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has come to the end of his term as Governor of California. Now that he’ll have more time on his hands a lot of people are wondering whether or not he’ll return to Hollywood. Earlier today, frequent Schwarzenegger collaborator James Cameron spoke at a special preview event for the upcoming 3D adventure film Sanctum, where he was asked if he’d be open to working on a new movie with the recently unemployed star.

Here’s what Cameron had to say about the idea of a future collaboration between the two:

Possibly. It’s probably more likely that we might work together on something non-film. Because we’re both really passionate advocates and activists for the environment and climate change, renewable energy, and so on. The strides that he made while in office he sees not only as part of his legacy but the foundation for some of the things he wants to do beyond that.

The idea of making a movie together is always a fun concept. I’m tied up for the next five years and Arnold tends to be rather impatient when he sets his sights on goals. So I don’t know how well that’s going to work out because I’ve signed on for two more Avatar films, which is a big chunk.

We’re surprised that he only said five years including Avatar 2 and 3, didn’t it take almost three or four to shoot the first one? As for Schwarzenegger, he’s been out of the game for a long time and it’s uncertain if his audience is still out there. Everyone can’t pull a Sylvester Stallone and stay relevant by revamping eighties antics for today’s movie goers. Is there room for both of them?

Do you want to see Cameron and Schwarzenegger back in the big screen again?