Well someone had a good year in 2010, IMAX! The screens are prettier and your wallet is a tad more empty — but sometimes it’s worth it. The IMAX Corporation announced that for the fifty-two weeks in 2010, IMAX DMR global gross box office was able to double their previous years income and rake in a record total of $546 million in 2010.

Amidst the bragging, lets take a look at if it’s worth the extra money, where they’re taking risks, and their upcoming 2011 release slate which they’re convinced will set new records come 2012…

“IMAX proves time and again to be the magic formula that keeps the excitement of movie-going alive and there is no greater proof of this than the 100% year over year uptick in IMAX’s 2010 box office revenues,” said Paul Dergarabedian president of the box-office division of Hollywood.com, “With nearly $600 million in worldwide box office and same-store revenues up an incredible 50%, the premium IMAX format continues to be a key contributor to the success of more and more big studio titles.”

Basically, as long as they can make you believe the film is more magical and therefore charge you extra money, IMAX will keep making money. Sadly, a number of films are relying on looks, gimmicks and filming popular sequels and/or blockbusters in the medium, instead of breaking new ground.

Though I could complain more, the company has been able to keep their edge with experimental documentaries like Hubble 3D, Under the Sea 3D and Deep Sea 3D, which managed to make $41 million at the box office. Though they didn’t list how much they cost and I’m guessing it was more than they made, if there’s one good thing the big cheesy blockbusters it’s these documentaries, so I say, keep going! Just make sure you don’t miss out on thee best part of IMAX for more 3D madness…

“Our 2010 box office results reflect our model of showcasing the biggest blockbuster titles, whether they are 2D or 3D, our network expansion and the significant increase in box office generated from our existing theatres,” said Richard L. Gelfond, CEO of IMAX Corporation. “Looking ahead to 2011, we have more visibility into our future film slate than we have ever had, we will grow the size of our global network…”

Though they claim that 3D doesn’t have anything to do with their sudden increase in cash-flow, there has to be something to it because thy seem to be planning on a big year and nine out of their thirteen releases in 2011 will be in 3D…

All that being said, they seem to be finding a balance with their films and no one can deny the look of them.

Check out some other fun, IMAX Box Office statistics:

  • Domestically, 9 of the top 10 grossing films were released into the IMAX network
  • A record 16 DMR titles were released to the IMAX® theatre network compared to 13 in 2009
  • 24 of the last 25 IMAX DMR titles opened Number 1 at the box office on their opening weekend
  • 39% of IMAX box office was generated overseas in 2010, compared to approximately 26% in 2009

What do you think of IMAX? Is it worth the extra cash? Or are they just using it on film’s you already want to see and therefore just making you pay more for them?