Gemma Arterton has moved on from one epic to another, by landing a lead role in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. The film will be a new adaptation of the famous folktale according to Variety. The actress will play Gretel alongside Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner who’s been cast in the role of her older brother Hansel.

In this incarnation of the famous story, Arterton and Renner will be playing older versions of the characters. This take “is set 15 years after the siblings killed the witch who kidnapped them. Hansel and Gretel have now evolved into bounty hunters who pursue witches.” The film is expected to film for eight weeks in between Renner’s two tentpole projects Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Avengers.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace was said to be in the running for the Gretel role, but things didn’t go in her favor. With the bounty hunting twist placed on the characters we hope it gives Arterton an outlet to show some range. Her last few films have done nothing but highlight her looks. Can we have a kick-ass chick alongside Renner?

What do you think of Renner and Arterton as Hansel and Gretel?