Last year I made my first film, Do Not Disturb. After I finished (or thought that I had finished) making the film I couldn’t have been happier. A good friend of mine and successful Producer said “well, have you sold it yet? Is it getting released?” I said, “no,” and he then told me some of the most important information anyone could have told me “well then you’re only half-way done. Half of making a film is getting people to see it.” Damn! How do I do that?

The problem is with film festivals is that everyone and their mother is trying to get into them, and unless you’ve gone through the right programs sponsored by the festival, know the right people, or have enough star power to make them not care, chances are you’ll be over-looked (unless you’ve made a documentary but I’ll talk about that another time). It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a constant struggle that up and coming filmmakers have to accept.

The problem becomes, how do you get people to see your movie? Hell, even if you get into Sundance, between the busy schedule of films and people not being able to get there, your audience is still limited and there is no guarantee that your film will be bought and even if it is bought that it will ever be distributed and see the light of the big screen.

So your next idea is how to use the Internet to your advantage, but you don’t want to upload it to YouTube and have it get lost in the abyss of singing cats and drunken idiots falling over in a variety of ways, you want a name that you and people who are going to watch your film can trust. That’s when I got an e-mail telling me about a little thing called SundanceNow and this is what it said…

The idea for SundanceNow came from the lack of a single online destination where real independent film fans could find, watch instantly and discuss a broad range of independent, hard to find films from around the globe. We believe that SundanceNow fills that void by bringing hundreds of films to your computer screen. You can watch them immediately (and legally) and find several films from the same director or of the same genre quickly and easily. In addition, new films are constantly being added to the service so there’s always a reason to come back.

SundanceNow is a place for anyone interested in independent films both American and worldwide – from the die-hard fans, who we hope will become active members of our community, to those interested in browsing our extensive list of different genres and sampling something new.

Well isn’t that nice! A place for filmmakers to go to get an audience. A place where people can legally watch the many films that deserve audiences but just can’t get them! AND a way for viewers who aren’t willing to freeze their asses off to be able to see the quality films coming out of the festival and through their amazing programs.

Sounds like a win, win for all involved!

Check it out at or on their Facebook page!

What do you think? Will you tune in?