Over the past couple weeks we’ve been posting various end of the year lists that recognize the best that 2010 had to offer. No retrospective would be complete without the input of director and screenwriter, Quentin Tarantino. He’s revealed his top 20 films of 2010, and while most of them are well deserved, one pick in particular has us scratching our heads. Take a look…

1.) Toy Story 3
2.) The Social Network
3.) Animal Kingdom
4.) I Am Love
5.) Tangled
6.) True Grit
7.) The Town
8.) Greenberg
9.) Cyrus
10.) Enter The Void
11.) Kick-Ass
12.) Knight and Day
13.) Get Him To The Greek
14.) The Fighter
15.) The King’s Speech
16.) The Kids Are All Right
17.) How to Train Your Dragon
18.) Robin Hood
19.) Amer
20.) Jackass 3D

We’re happy to see that the Australian crime drama Animal Kingdom made it into his top three. The film is a bit long in the tooth but it’s a refreshing and simplistic take on the genre. Jackass 3D is a bit of a shock, but if he judged it on the use of 3D it deserves a place on the list. The prank-filled sequel made better use of the technology than most major tentpoles last year.

Our biggest concern though is Robin Hood. We love Ridley Scott but we couldn’t get down with his interpretation of the character and his legacy. It was filled with talented actors but the chemistry wasn’t there. The film centers on Robin before he becomes the legend so all the great stuff you expect from him doesn’t occur. He only uses an arrow once or twice in the entire movie and that’s just wrong!

What do you think of Tarantino’s list?

Source: Bleeding Cool