The cast for the feature debut of writer-producer-turned-director Alex Kurtzman is really coming together. THR is reporting that Olivia Wilde (who worked with the director on Cowboys & Aliens) has signed on to star in Welcome to People alongside Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks.

The premise of Welcome to People centers on “a man who must deliver $150,000 in cash to an alcoholic sister he didn’t know he had after the death of their father. Without telling her who he is, the guy also gets involved in the life of her angry 12-year old son.” Pine stars as the man, while Banks plays his drunk sibling. Wilde has been cast in the role of Hannah, the girlfriend of Pine’s character.

Kurtzman co-wrote the screenplay for the film with his longtime collaborator Roberto Orci, who will also help him produce via their DreamWorks-based Paper Products company.

Olivia Wilde is seriously everywhere. She’s come along way since her stint on the short-lived Fox drama “Skin.” Does anyone else remember that show? It lasted for like six episodes back in 2003. No? Just us?

What do you think of Wilde joining the cast of Welcome to People? Are you interested in seeing the film?