Julie Taymor and U2′s Broadway musical Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark has become a nightmare. Not only were the preview shows plagued by accidents, but several of the show’s actors have been injured, and now one of the leads have decided to “exit stage left.” According to The New York Times, Natalie Mendoza who played Arachne in the production is leaving.

No official reason has been given as to why Mendoza wants out, considering that the show is still in previews. The Times received their confirmation from two undisclosed sources close to the production. Apparently, the lawyers are still trying to hammer out the right words to use in explaining the actress’ departure.

This is an embarrassing and hard blow to the production considering the character’s prominence in the show. Arachne isn’t a character from the Spider-Man comic, but she was created by director and co-writer Taymor specifically for the show. And from what we’ve heard, the second act of the play centers around the villain and her interaction with the webslinger.

Prior to her leaving, Mendoza had suffered a concussion after taking part in a stunt gone wrong during the musical. Despite all the negative press, Turn Off the Dark continues to rake in the money. We wonder if people are buying tickets to see a good show, or if they just want to see a train wreck?

What do you think of Mendoza leaving Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark?