We’ve been hearing Wonder Woman rumors for some time now. McG was reported to be fighting for the job, BUT, then they pulled the rug out from under us and said it would be a TV show again headed by producer David E. Kelley from “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice.” Though no one seems to have paid too much attention to that.

In a world of super-hero movies it’s about time we get some more female power with one of the most celebrated, sexy female superheros! But who would be the lucky lady?

Originally it was rumored that Megan Fox would be up for the role, agh. Luckily she called the character a “lame superhero” and pissed off Lynda Carter, the 59-year-old actress who played Wonder Woman in a television show in the 1970s so it’s probably safe to safe that she’s out!.

Recently it has been rumored that Christina Hendricks might be up for the role. She has stated that she would want to play “Wonder Woman” but says that she that she has only learned about the role herself from online rumors.

“I just heard that rumor too,” Hendricks said on The Rachael Ray Show earlier this week. “I don’t know where it got started but I love it. I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life. I had ‘Wonder Woman’ underoos! I’d love to. That would be so fun. We’re putting it out there.”

I have to say, if there are any women out there that could fill the costume out right, it’s Hendricks. She’s got the body, mind, body, spirit and body to play a lead role as an action hero. Plus, much like Wonder Woman herself, she is a wonderful role model for young women and easy on the eyes for everyone.

I for one hope there’s some truth for this rumor and that they make it a big film!

What do you think about Hendricks’ stepping into the role?