Like many of you, we were shocked when this year’s Golden Globe nominees were announced. The Best Musical or Comedy category has been under a lot of scrutiny because of the inclusion of Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and their film The Tourist. Who knew that the movie was funny or full of great songs? Apparently, it was filled with laughs, but unfortunately most of them were caught off camera and came at the expense of co-star Paul Bettany. Take a look…

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This footage originally aired as a special segment on Entertainment Tonight, and was re-posted online via ScreamingAngie11 on YouTube. It looks like the actors really had a lot of fun behind the scenes, with Mr. Bettany being the butt of most of their jokes. It’s always great to see such serious actors lighten up every now and again, but this video would have been ten times better if there was a surplus of Timothy Dalton in it. Did you see his outtakes from Hot Fuzz? To call them hilarious would be an understatement.

What do you think of the outtakes from The Tourist? Do you think the movie and actors deserve their Golden Globe nods?