Out of all the year-end movie lists to come out this week, this is by far the most controversial. Over at TorrentFreak, they’ve named the Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2010 and we have to say the number one pick was slightly surprising. Avatar topped the list while the number two spot was taken by a comic book film that really could have used the extra bump at the box office. Check out the complete list below…

Here are the titles, download amounts, and worldwide grosses:

1. Avatar 16,580,00o $2,779,551,867

2. Kick-Ass 11,400,000 $96,130,432

3. Inception 9,720,000 $825,408,570

4. Shutter Island 9,490,000 $294,803,014

5. Iron Man 2 8,810,000 $621,751,988

6. Clash of the Titans 8,040,000 $493,214,993

7. Green Zone 7,730,000 $94,875,650

8. Sherlock Holmes 7,160,000 $523,029,864

9. The Hurt Locker 6,850,000 $48,612,915

10. Salt 6,700,000 $175,190,850

Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time, so the pirating didn’t affect it one bit, but why would you want to download the movie? Avatar is one of those films that really is an experience and needs to be seen in 3D on a big screen. We’re hoping those people who downloaded it at least saw it in theaters first before watching it on their computers.

Kick-Ass really suffered from the pirating. The movie was great but it wasn’t a huge box office success not even cracking the $100 million mark worldwide. We’re also really surprised that Green Zone made the list. Who knew so many people wanted to see Matt Damon play Jason Bourne in the MiddleEast?

What do you think of the top 10 list? Are you surprised?