Marc Webb’s adaptation of Spider-Man began production a few weeks ago, and we caught a glimpse of co-star Emma Stone on set as her character Gwen Stacy. Stacy is the love interest of Peter Parker and one of the most important women in his life next to Mary Jane and of course his Aunt May. But if you’ve read the comic you know Stacy has a complicated future ahead of her. Spoilers….

Stacy dies in the Spider-Man comic book. She’s thrown off the top of a bridge by The Green Goblin and her death changes Parker forever. The event was covered in two issues of the comic entitled The Night Gwen Stacy Died and it was a doozy. It was one of the best arcs we’ve ever read. Even though we hated seeing her go, it was good material but it seems like the Spider-Man reboot won’t follow that formula.

Stone recently revealed on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” that she has to keep her new blonde look “for a couple of years” because “there’s a few Spider-men” in her future. So, are they going to drag out the inevitable or what? That woman has to bite the dust at some point, we just don’t know when. We’d be fine with it if it opened the door for an appearance by Felicia Hardy. She’s the love interest we really want to see with Peter because not only is she a girlfriend but she’s also the Black Cat!

What do you think of Stone appearing in more than one Spider-Man film?

Source: Moviefone