Ever since it was announced that Ron Howard would direct the big screen adaptation of The Dark Tower, fans of the books have been voicing their opinions about who should play the lead character. If you’re one of them, don’t worry because Howard has heard your cries and he’s taking them into consideration. According to the LA Times, a few names have come to his attention, one of them being Viggo Mortensen.

The protagonist in the series is Roland Deschain, and he’s a lean, mean, gunslinging machine who would be the perfect fit for Mortensen. Howard himself even admitted to reading the various websites devoted to the books and he’s seen his fair share of Mortensen campaigning. Even though Daniel Craig, Jon Hamm, and Hugh Jackman have been mentioned, Howard claims that on all the sites he’s visited “they’re all about Viggo.”

There’s something about the character and The Dark Tower world that drew Howard to the property.

“It’s one of the things that really fascinated me about the challenge. We love Roland the Gunslinger but we also like coming back to these worlds and these places. On one hand it is grounded and relatable but on the other hand it’s scary and strange and mind-blowing. There’s this dream quality to it and the mystery in that is what it’s all about – being compelled forward without all the answers.”

Howard has big plans for the series which includes a film trilogy and a television series that bridges the gap between theatrical releases. A September 2013 release date has been set for the first film and with 2011 literally a couple weeks away we’re wondering when he plans on buckling down and hiring an actor?

Who do you think should play Roland?