It’s Golden Globe nominees a-go-go on DVD this week with honorees Emma Stone and Michael Douglas‘ nominated performances hitting shelves with the releases of Easy A and Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, as well as surprise nominee Angelina Jolie’s much bigger hit, Salt, also available on DVD.

All that, plus that M. Night Shyamalan‘s elevator movie that wasn’t directed by M. Night Shyamalan. How exciting?!

Check it out below…

Feature Films


I think we need a term for films that become progressively worse. Do you know what I mean? those movies that initially grab your attention with a cool premise, a couple of laughs, or a great stunt sequence but slowly become duller, more derivative, or more nonsensical to the point that you forget there was a time where you were actually enjoying the film.

Maybe we could say the film becomes too “Salty” in honor of the Angelina Jolie vehicle of this past summer.This film had us for a while. A cool action premise with a harrowing escape that hooked us early and left us wondering what the heck was going on. Then we got the answer to that question and it was…insane to say the least.

Then, that plot that we discovered led to another plot, and another, and things that I won’t spoil but seemed just as cliched as they were unbelievable. By the end, we thought this movie was just a mess. It’s like we took the first bite of a steak, were intrigued, but then found out the piece of meat was layered with more seasoning on every bite, and by the end we were just drowning in salt.

Kind of like how we felt with this film.

Wondering what I mean? Buy Salt on DVD.

Easy A

Here’s the problem with the incredibly baseless list of Golden Globe nominees. They were so bad, that everybody completely dismissed them. Especially when it comes to the comedy categories.

While that’s probably a good thing to do, all those terrible nominations take away from the fact that one surprise honoree was very deserving: And that is Emma Stone for Easy A.

Watching this film, you wonder if any other actor her age has the poise and intelligence to lend the proper gravity to this role and prevent it from being lost in the typical high school rom-com cliches. In other words, could the film have succeeded with anybody else in her part?

This film depended entirely on its lead to be outstanding in order for it to succeed. How many other movies can you say that about this year? Black Swan? The King’s Speech? It’s not a long list.

With that in mind, not only does Stone actually deserve this nomination, but she deserves to win over the ladies of the mind-blowingly overrated The Kids Are All Right.

Don’t believe me? Buy Easy A on DVD and see for yourself.


And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

I know this is probably a kid’s move, but still…