Fox has pretty much given “Fringe” the kiss of death by moving it from Thursdays to Friday nights. The show is expected to return on January 21, and the network has done their fair share of marketing the big move. But no matter how many cheeky or cool commercials they come up with, it still seems as if they sent the amazing show to Fridays to die. “Firefly” is a prime example of this and one fan who loves both shows decided to combine the two by making a “Fringe” opening credit sequence inspired by the late Joss Whedon series. Take a look…

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This brings back memories doesn’t it? “Fringe” is an awesome show and we don’t want it to suffer the same fate as its sci-fi predecessors. There was a time in television history when Fridays were loved for their programming line up. Remember TGIF on ABC? We can make this work! Let’s tune back in on January 21 and show Fox that we love this series and we’re not giving up on it.

What do you think of the Fringe/Firefly mash up? Did you like it?

Source: Gualcit (via Seriable)