While doing promotion for his acclaimed film The Fighter, actor Mark Wahlberg revealed that he’d been cast in the coveted role of Nathan Drake and would star in David O. Russell’s feature adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. This news came as a shock to the die hard fans of the video game who felt that Nathan Fillion, would have been a better choice. One follower in particular stood up for the little guys and went straight to the director with his concerns and here’s what Russell had to say…

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Let’s give credit to where credit is due. This guy approached Russell in a calm and respectful way. He wasn’t star struck. He didn’t fumble over his words. He just stood there and pleaded his case for those of you who want to see Fillion in the role. For a minute it looks like the director was really interested in hearing what he had to say before being escorted off by his management.

We also want to say that this guy has guts because we all know that Russell doesn’t do well with any type of confrontation.

What do you think of Russell’s reaction to the fan? Do you think he’ll listen?

Source: JoBlo via Gregblessing27