We love “Robot Chicken!” The stop motion animated series always delivers clever pop culture commentary and does some of the best parodies this side of The Cartoon Network. Like Family Guy,” they’re known for their amazing Star Wars homages and on Sunday night the latest installment in their parody series aired, aptly titled, “Robot Chicken: Star Wars: Episode III.” There were so many awesome moments to choose from, but our favorite had to be that damn escalator scene. Check it out…

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That never gets old! “Robot Chicken” star and producer Seth Green spoke to EW about the episode and stated, Star Wars is endlessly available for parody.” We can’t disagree with him there but why is it that the Star Wars prequels especially give him so much comedic material? According to Green, there’s too much to pass up!

“There’s so much important storytelling there. With all that character development, that’s where our comedy comes from. Like for that scene in our new special [which parodies Padme’s rejection of Anakin in a romantic candlelit room from Attack of the Clones by showing her stripping for him], we took Anakin’s dialogue exactly from that scene in the movie. Watch that scene. That’s exactly his dialogue. And we were like, what is she doing? It’s unfair, I’ve got to say. I think she’s leading him on.”

We all agree with that leading on statement. Such a tease! What did you think of last night’s episode?

Did you watch Episode III? What did you think?