Last weekend, Oscar winner Jeff Bridges appeared as the host on the holiday themed episode of “Saturday Night Live.” Even though the show has been seriously lacking in the comedy department over the past few years, this latest installment had its moments. The writers teamed Bridges with an awesome blue creature from “Sesame Street” — Cookie Monster! If you remember, back in November Cookie Monster shot an audition tape (which went viral) to prove that he had what it takes to host SNL. He may not have gotten the gig but he did get to appear in this week’s opening monologue and we gotta tell you, he stole the show! Check it out…

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We loved the sing-a-long between these two. There’s something about Cookie Monster’s ability to tread the line of innocence and adulthood that cracks us up. The only downside to his appearance is the big reveal at the end of the show, when the truth behind or should we say beneath him was shown to the world.

We know he’s a puppet but damn, did they really have to destroy the illusion?

What did you think of Bridges and Cookie Monster’s duet? Was it funny?