A month ago we learned that Jack Black had been cast in the long awaited Muppets movie alongside Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and a slew of other actors. For the most part we weren’t told what or who the actor would be playing so we assumed it was a cameo role, which is partially correct. Jack Black will be Jack Black but with a little something extra…

While walking the red carpet at the premiere of his latest film Gulliver’s Travels, Black opened up about his role in The Muppets and revealed a little bit about his part.

“I will be playing myself,” Black says. “It’s kind of like Being John Malkovich. It is a new twist on the Muppets. Very cerebral and meta.”

Black also co-stars with Segel in Travels, so he felt like he owed him an appearance in his film. He described it as a “tit for tat.” Black will begin filming in January but revealed that he hasn’t memorized his lines yet. Get to it Jack, a lot of people are depending on you here!

The Muppets will open in theaters nationwide on November 23, 2011.

What do you think of Jack Black’s part in The Muppets? Do you think it will be funny?

Source: EW