The CBS hit drama “The Good Wife” is about to take a cue from David Fincher. According to EW, Rita Wilson and F. Murray Abraham will guest star on an episode that was inspired by The Social Network and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. We smell trouble brewing…

“The episode focuses on a junior genius who launched a successful website that prompts a big movie about his life. He ends up suing the producers for defamation, however, because he’s not happy with the results.” Wilson will star as Viola, an overly botoxed top-of-her field lawyer, and a friend of Diane’s (Christine Baranski), who helps her with the case. On the other side, Abraham will take on the role of Burl, “the head attorney at a film conglomerate,” that represents the studio in the case.

They better not give the real Zuckerberg any ideas, but then again if he really wanted to milk Sony for all they’re worth he would have done it by now. We’re interested to see the young actor they’ll have play the CEO of the social networking company. Who do you think it will be?

What do you think of The Good Wife Social Network mash up? Do you think they can pull it off?