Twitter has been on fire today after “How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris vented to the public about a recent casting shake up on the show. Apparently veteran soap actor Eric Braeden was supposed to do a cameo appearance last night as Robin’s (Cobie Smulders) dad but he decided not to show up at the last minute. Therefore they had to hurry and find a replacement, and lucky for them the talented and graceful Ray Wise was more than willing to take Braeden’s place.

Harris’ original tweet from this morning read, “Eric Braeden is a D-Bag,” Harris tweeted. “He agreed to a cameo as Robin’s dad, then last night he bailed, saying the part wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough.” He then followed up with, “[Ray] is a fantastic actor who makes any part ‘substantial’. Braeden first appeared on HIMYM in November 2008.

Harris’ criticism quickly caught the attention of Braeden who fired back and said,

“I have been in this business for 50 years, have seen so many actors come and go — most of them never to be seen or heard from again. I suggest whoever this young fellow is that he enjoy his success and count his blessings and save his money…”I have been overworked at Y&R. I have been doing 40 and 50 pages a day. I was [also] not aware of what they wanted me to do until the day before.”

Harris later changed his tune and tweeted, “Now I feel bad for the D-bag comment. Don’t know the guy personally. I’m just fiercely protective of our show.” Personally, we think they both handled it bad. Braeden shouldn’t have bailed at the 11th hour and Harris could have handled his anger in a more mature way.

As for Braeden’s time in the business, he’s spent most of it on “Young & the Restless” [for 30 plus years] playing patriarch Victor Newman. But even there, he’s been known to have a few problems. He left the show a year ago for undisclosed reasons (some say he wanted more money) but returned shortly after.

The one positive thing to come out of this drama is the addition of Wise. He’s a great actor and we’re always happy to see him get more work.

What do you think of the war of words here? Were they both right or wrong?

Source: Deadline