The year is almost over and several boards and organizations are announcing their top 10 films of 2010, with one of them coming from the mega movie site IMDB. They’ve unveiled their list that features both critical and commercial successes as well as a few surprises. Who do you think will be number one? Check out the list and find out…

We agree with their number one pick. Christopher Nolan’s Inception was not only one of the best films of the summer but it stands out for the year. We are shocked to see that Black Swan beat out Toy Story 3 for the number two spot. For some reason we thought the Pixar film would have edged out the dark thriller.

Overall, six out of the ten films listed earned over a $100 million at the box office. Nolan also holds the title for the top rated film of 2008 with The Dark Knight, which was also named the Best Film of the Decade.

What do you think of IMDB’s list? Do you agree or disagree with their picks?

Source: /Film