After 28 long years, Disney has decided to make a follow up to the 1982 film Tron. Even though the original wasn’t a box office hit, it spawned a very successful video game, and the film eventually became a cult classic. The sequel Tron Legacy is a father-son story that takes all the things we loved about the first movie and adds modernized special effects, a kick-ass soundtrack, and of course the return of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn. Find out if Tron Legacy lives up to the hype in our review…

The Players:

The Plot:

In the film, Kevin Flynn has been trapped in the world of Tron for 20 plus years living on the opposite end of a spectrum from his creation and nemesis Clu. On the outside world, his grown son Sam (Hedlund) stumbles upon a gateway into Tron and tries to release him. Aided by his trusted friend Quorra (Wilde), the duo embark on a life-and-death journey to escape the cyber universe that has become far more advanced and dangerous since the last time we saw it.

The Good:

  • Score: The music in Tron Legacy is amazing! Daft Punk brings their A-game to the soundtrack by infusing it with tunes that make you feel like you’re a part of the Tron world. Thanks to the score, some of the action sequences look like mini music videos and I mean that in a good way.
  • It’s a Stand Alone Film: If you haven’t seen the original Tron you won’t get lost with the sequel. The majority of the connection between the two movies is explained within the first 10 minutes so nothing will go over your head. There are some smaller things that die hard fans will pick up on, but if you’re new to the series those things won’t bother you. It’s an overall entertaining film that could be seen as a sequel or a solo adventure.
  • Special Effects: Just like Avatar last year, Tron Legacy is a stand out when it comes to special effects. The world of Tron is taken to a whole other level. It’s sharp, it’s crisp, and it’s beautiful. It’s a visual feast.
  • 3D: Tron Legacy achieves something rare: it has good 3D. Not only is the 3D exceptional, but it actually makes sense for the story. It’s not a distraction or a gimmick.

The So-So:

  • Clu’s Face: Earlier I praised the special effects on this film because they deserve it. They’re truly a step above anything else I’ve seen this year but there’s one problem — Clu. Clu is modeled and reanimated as a 35 year old version of Kevin Flynn. At first glance this is an amazing feat, until you look at his mouth. Sometimes his lips don’t sync up correctly with his words and in certain instances his eyes look beady and soulless. It was impressive but not perfect.

The Bad:

  • Sam Flynn: Sam isn’t flushed out at all. Garrett Hedlund is a decent actor but the material he had to work with was lackluster. Sam is your stereotypical rich boy, who’s the heir to a billion dollar corporation but doesn’t want to be a part of it. He obviously has abandonment issues, and he comes across as somewhat of an ungrateful brat. It’s hard to care or root for him because he’s so generic.
  • Tron Himself: The actual character Tron, who’s played by Bruce Boxleitner doesn’t have a huge part in this movie. The time he does spend on screen is inconsistent with the film’s story, which makes his addition seem like an afterthought. Without giving too much away, let’s just say he’s there one minute, the next he’s not, and we have no idea what happened in between.


Tron Legacy is one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen all year. It has great visuals, amazing 3D, a memorable soundtrack, and the always awesome Jeff Bridges. Go see it!

Rating: 8.5/10

Tron Legacy opens in theaters everywhere on December 17.

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