One of the most prolific and talented filmmakers to ever work in Hollywood has passed away. Blake Edwards who directed such classics as the original Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Victor/Victoria has died at the age of 88. He was known for his amazing comedic direction and his “love of free-for-all lunacy” according to critic Pauline Kael.

The New York Times reports that Edwards died of complications from pneumonia on Wednesday night in Santa Monica, California. The director was surrounded by family and friends including his wife and actress Julie Andrews. Throughout his career Edwards was only nominated for one Oscar and that was for Best Adapted Screenplay for Victor/Victoria, which starred Andrews as “a starving singer who pretends to be a homosexual Polish count who performs as a female impersonator.”

Edwards eventually received an honorary Oscar back in 2004 for his overall career achievements. He was just as good a writer as he was a director. One our favorite stories of his is for The Great Race, which stars Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon. And we can’t forget about the commercial and critical success of 10, which featured Dudley Moore going through a midlife crisis, and a young Bo Derek running in slow motion with braids.

RIP Mr. Edwards and thanks for the memories.

What was your favorite Blake Edwards film?