We love it when innocent characters from our childhood are reimagined as modern day badasses. The most recent property to experience such a revamp is Super Mario Bros. The famous Nintendo game duo have been reimagined as The Brothers Mario in a mock movie trailer that takes some creative cues from Grand Theft Auto. Check it out…

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Are our eyes playing tricks on us or did we see mushroom bandandas being worn during a shootout? There are so many references to the original game that appear in this video. We don’t want to spoil them for you but the one regarding the princess is hilarious. And don’t forget about the one-up!

This video takes all the cool things we love about Super Mario Bros and makes them “gangsta.” Who knew that was possible? Not only does this trailer look like Grand Theft Auto but it also reminds us of HBO’s “The Wire.” Don’t ask us why, but it does.

The trailer is directed by The Country Club’s Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umetani.

What do you think of this new take on Mario and Luigi? What game references did you find in the trailer?