HBO’s adding new cast members to their upcoming fourth season of “True Blood,” again. How do we put this delicately? Stop it! How many were-panthers, witches, and warlocks are we supposed to accept next year? According to Deadline, two more actors have joined the cast, which further confirms our greatest fear. “True Blood” is getting closer and closer to jumping the shark.

Dane DeHaan, who currently appears on HBO’s “In Treatment” as Jesse, will crossover to the dark side on “True Blood” as “Timbo, one of the teens Jason (Ryan Kwanten) takes care of in Hotshot.” He’ll be joined by “90210” alum Rebecca Wisocky, who’ll play “an elegant beauty who presides over a fantasy land and also has a temper.”

The addition of both actors worries us because the show already has a huge main cast. It seems like every season new people sign on and they never leave. We understand that it’s based on a book, but come on guys, cut the fat. Between the were-things, Arlene’s kid, witches, and fairy land, it seems like the basic relationship between vampires and humans is getting pushed to the back burner.

“True Blood” only has about 12 episodes a season, yet their cast has an abundance of primary characters as well as several on recurring status. Their roster is more than a little bloated.

What do you think of the latest casting announcement for True Blood?