Gwyneth Paltrow sure loves to sing. The actress hit the stage for the film Duets, she sang at this year’s Country Music Awards, and next she stars in the upcoming film Country Strong where she’ll hit some high notes as a music superstar. According to EW, she’s been offered another vocal role in the big screen adaptation of Rock of Ages.

Earlier today we reported that Alec Baldwin was offered the role of Dennis Dupree, an ex-rocker who hangs onto his glory days by operating the Bourbon Room, a club on the Sunset Strip. Mary J. Blige is set to play Justice, the sassy owner of a gentleman’s club, and Tom Cruise (yes, Tom Cruise) is in talks to play Stacee Jaxx. Can he even sing?

Paltrow says that director Adam Shankman passed the script her way and she plans on reading it soon. She said, “…it sounds like it could be fun.” We’re not sure what role she would play because the last time we checked the lead in Rock of Ages was a young, 20-something. If you’ve seen it, and you have any idea what part Paltrow could fill let us know.

What do you think about the Paltrow possibly joining Rock of Ages? Yay or Nay?