Owen Wilson played one half of the amazingly dumb duo in 2001′s Zoolander. The actor starred as Hansel (Hans for short), the blonde male model who went from being Derek Zoolander’s foe to his closest ally. Wilson recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of Zoolander 2. We’ve been hearing a lot about the film over the last year but nothing solid. According to the actor, the script is still being tweaked and they all want it to happen.

Wilson says that everyone wants to come back and do it. Justin Theroux is currently working on the screenplay, which is said to center on Derek and Hans going through a mid-life crisis. Could you imagine those two after their modeling careers have hit the skids? Wilson says, “we talked about doing it in a year. Maybe. The script is still being tweaked.”

We hope that Zoolander 2 makes it to the big screen. We really got our hopes up for Anchorman 2, but were completely shut down when the studio opted not to pick it up. Even though every actor that appeared in the first film has serious fan followings, they just didn’t want to put up the money. We’re crossing our fingers for Zoolander 2.

Do you still have hope for Zoolander 2?