The DVD Shelves are absolutely loaded this week with comedies, blockbusters, docs and indie films alike. The big guns come out in the form of The A-Team, Will Ferrell’s The Other Guys, and the animated megahit Despicable Me. If prestige pics are more your speed, you can dig in with either Ben Affleck’s bit of Oscar bait The Town or the beloved little comedy Cyrus with Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly. There’s also the complete series of one of the most influential shows of the decade and a DVD starring Zach Galifinakis that you certainly didn’t know existed.

Check it out below…

Feature Films

The A-Team

Are we done? Are we finally done with this type of movie? Did the bombing of this, Red and The Losers finally end this genre for good?

(Wait, throw “genre” out the window. Can you make a convincing argument that those three movies didn’t come from the same script?)

It’s just something I’m sure we’re all sick of. The whole, “Ooo, we’re blowing stuff up and having a good time while doing it” testosterone genre. Every time you see one of these films there’s nothing new. Nothing new. You know every explosion, every dark joke, every single character.

And the good news? These movies have finally stopped making money. So maybe we can finally go back to our Die Hards and our Terminators for action movies. You remember those: compelling and real characters who were actually funny when they were funny.

Yep, the bombing of all the group of quipsters blowing stuff up movies this year means we’re surely ready to a return to good action movies. Wait, you mean The Expendables was a hit? Crap.

Okay, I guess people still like it. And if so, they can buy The A-Team on DVD.

The Other Guys

In this column, I’ve been searching for the past few months to determine the comedy of the year. And it seems that this just might be it.

Solid reviews (77% on Rotten Tomatoes) good box office ($119 Million), and Michael Keaton quoting TLC. What’s not to like?

Sure, this doesn’t really have the zeitgeist or holding power of past winners like Meet the Parents or The Hangover but in a year replete with Due Dates and Dinner For Schmucks this may be as good as we can do.

And if watching Mark Wahlberg sarcastically learn ballet is good enough for comedy of the year, I suppose I can accept that.

Unless, of course, Little Fockers, blows us all away.

So if you’d like to enjoy The Comedy of the Year, buy The Other Guys on DVD.



“24″: The Complete Series

At this point it’s hard to remember how revolutionary this television show was when it first came out.

Yes, it had a gimmick (whole season = one day), but there was much more than that. Mainly, episodes didn’t end. We were never left with a satisfying conclusion when the clock reached the top of the hour. Each show was essentially “To Be Continued”.

There’s an old Jerry Seinfeld joke about how we hate shows that are “To Be Continued”. How when you’re looking at the clock and seeing there’s only two minutes left, and they can’t possibly wrap it up we freak out, knowing that it’s going to be a “To Be Continued”.

“24″ changed all that. No longer were episodes expected to wrap themselves up. Instead, stories could unfold over entire seasons, or series, without even the need for a “To Be Continued” disclaimer at the end.

To enjoy the complete series of this influential show, you can buy the complete series of “24″ on DVD.

Or, if you already have most of it, just buy “24″ season 8 on DVD.


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And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…