It’s the battle of the bulk in the first photo from The Fast and the Furious sequel, Fast Five. It features franchise star Vin Diesel and the new kid on the block Dwayne Johnson. But don’t worry, judging from this picture he has no problem holding his own against Diesel. Check out what happens when these two come face to face.

Why is it that Vin Diesel does that same “now what!” pose in all of his movies? It feels as if we’ve seen this from him before. We wonder if Diesel is standing on his toes so he doesn’t dwarf in Johnson’s presence?

You might be wondering after four films why someone like Johnson would decide to get on board so late in the game. The actor told USA Today, “One of the things I’ve always loved about the franchise — the reason I think it’s been so successful over the years — is that they never stop trying to up the action.”

If you’re interested in seeing that new action up close and personal, Diesel claims that the first trailer will debut online this Tuesday.

What do you think about the first official photo from Fast Five? Are you excited for the film?